SplitBarcode at a glance

SplitBarcode Editor

A template contains all settings and configurations (fields, conditions, output, PDF info fields, barcodes). One or more layouts are associated with the template. A layout requires a PDF sample file on which the size and position of the fields defined by the template are specified.

SplitBarcode Layout Editor

Depending on the layout, the defined fields can be positioned visually / interactively on a loaded PDF sample file and their size can be specified. Select / save PDF sample file (prototype), select page, up, down, zoom, view selection. Field Functions: Automatically detect barcode type, create condition from field and insert into condition editor.

SplitBarcode Verarbeitung

The templates / layouts to be used are activated for processing and can be managed via profiles. The PDF document to be processed is validated against all activated templates / layouts according to the defined criteria. If a criterion applies, the document is processed according to the template definition.

Metadata output

Configuration of target path and file name using the defined fields/variables. Output as XML, XLSX, CSV file, as a complete file or as a single file per generated PDF, column definition for the XLSX / CSV file via field / variable selection.

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Features, licensing and activation

SplitBarcode functions:

  • Recognition and reading of 1D / 2D barcodes (51 barcode types).
  • Split batches of documents into separate files.
  • Delete blank pages.
  • Generate XML, CSV, XLSX metadata files.
  • Configuration is done through the SplitBarcode Editor to create templates (different settings and configurations), with multiple layouts linked to the template (different positions of the fields).

Supported 1D / 2D Barcode Types: Australian Post, Aztec, Codabar, Code11, Code128, Code16K, Code39, Code93, DataMatrix, DotCode, DutchKIX, EAN13, EAN13Plus2, EAN13Plus5, EAN8, EAN8Plus2, EAN8Plus5, HanXinCode, IATA2of5, IntelligentMail, Interleaved2of5, MailMark4StateC, MailMark4StateL, Matrix2of5, MatrixCode, MicroPDF417, MicroQR, MSI, PatchCode, PDF417, PDF417Compact, Pharmacode, Planet, Plus2, Plus5, Postnet, QR, RoyalMail, RSS14, RSS14Stacked, RSSExpanded, RSSExpandedStacked, RSSLimited, Standard2of5, Telepen, UPCA, UPCAPlus2, UPCAPlus5, UPCE, UPCEPlus2, UPCEPlus5.

SplitBarCode Applications:

  • SplitBarCode – .NET / C# test application to test the functions interactively. Drag & Drop processing one or more PDF files.
  • SplitBarCode-CL – Command line application for client / server.
  • SplitBarcode-FM – MS-Windows folder monitoring service.
  • SplitBarCode-CS – REST / SOAP web service – result is returned as a single ZIP file.
  • DropSplit – Interactive workspace application for drag & Drop or via a single watched folder.
  • eDocPrintPro SplitBarCode Plugin – Barcode recognition and splitting into individual files via the eDocPrintPro printer driver.

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The products are licensed according to your order for the workstation, terminal server or server.

The licenses are tied to the workplace where it was activated first. Licenses can be transferred.

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Product Activation

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Move license (to new PC) (Video: PAM – MOVE License)

This option allows to transfer a license to a different PC. Input of UserID und Passwort is necessary! Product will remain as demo version on your PC.

OLD PC: ProductActivationManager | select license | „Move License“ Button | Username / Password | OK

NEW PC: ProductActivationManager | select application | „Activate Application“ Button | Username / Password | select license | OK



V 1.1.7 Download

Windows service with folder monitoring


V 1.1.7 Download

Command line application


V 1.2.9 Download

MS-Windows Service
REST / SOAP web service interface


V 1.1.7 Download

Interactive application for splitting PDF files

Can be used as a 30-day DEMO after downloading! With a license to the full version. Requires administrator rights for the installation!

Please note Windows service – access to network resources – what should be considered? ★ Information in PDFBlog


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  • Windows service with folder monitoring


Prices in Shop
  • Command line application (workstation / server license)


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  • MS-Windows service REST / SOAP web service interface


Prices in Shop
  • interactive application for splitting PDF files